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LEDInspect Professional Range

LEDinspect Professional Inspection Lamps: the perfect tools for use in the workshop or garage

LEDinspect Professional are a range of rechargeable or battery operated LED Inspection Lamps that are ideal for use in the workshop or garage. Equipped with durable, high-power LEDs, these lamps provide optimum illumination for even the tightest spaces and difficult-to-access areas. An additional benefit of the OSRAM range is their robust design and easy-grip, dirt-resistant surface. 

All OSRAM LEDinspect Inspection Lamps have been designed for hands-free working. Most of the lamps can mounted in suitable locations thanks to a combination of hook and magnet. Jobs that take longer are also no problem with the durable rechargeable battery*. These lamps are therefore the ideal tools for maintaining and repairing vehicles and perfect for use in the garage or workshop.

> LEDinspect Professional
> LEDinspect Slimline 
> LEDinspect Slimline 280

*not all inspection lamps in the range are rechargeable, see individual product spec for details. Image shown for illustration purposes only. Not all products shown are available in the UK at this time.